Magnetic Plates

Industrial Magnetic Plates

We are the Leading Manufacturer of Industrial Magnetic Plates in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India. which finds vast application in food, chemicals, pharmaceutical, and minerals processing. These offered plates are immensely appreciated for their strong magnetic power. Suitable for sloping chute applications, these magnetic plates are highly popular in the market. Moreover, we make these plates available at highly competitive prices in the market.

  • Compact design
  • High performance

Magnetic Plates

We are the Leading Exporter of Magnetic Plates. this is provided with effective permanent magnets. Easy to install, it finds vast application in various industries. Highly durable in its characteristics, this offered industrial plate magnet is widely demanded by our clients. Our offered range of industrial plate magnets is widely regarded for eliminating bolts, nuts, and nails.


  • Reasonable Price
  • High performance

High Power Magnetic Plates

We offer a superior range of magnetic plates that are useful for removing very fine and weakly magnetic impurities present in the product. The magnetic pull of our magnetic plates is higher as compared to other conventional plates and are easily installable and available in all sizes to suit customer requirement. These are usually fitted over conveyor lines, material flow ducts and many more.


  • Magnet Grade - N35, N38, N40, N42, N52
  • Size - As per Customer Requirement
  • Applications - Industrial

Flat Conveyor Plate Magnet

We are a distinguished team of engineers engaged in offering Flat Conveyor Plate Magnet. This is an important industrial separator that is meant for the separation of fine ferrous materials and large pieces of tramp iron. Moreover, this specifically designed for easy installation in the granulator’s feed tray. 


  • Smooth product flow
  • Economical
  • Prevents tramp metal from damaging your equipment
  • Ideal for wide conveyors


  • 6-3 /16” long
  • 1-05/16” thick
  • Material: Aluminum

Magnetic Sine Plate

Magnetic sine plates with a permanent magnetic, never lose its strong power by press down a screw based on the plate and regain the original after work.


  • Ease of use
  • Maintenance free
  • Perfect finish

  • Equipment: Plate Magnet
  • Type of Magnet: High Intensity, High Gradient,
  • High Power, Strontium Ferrite
  • Remanence Br: 3900 – 4200 Gauss
  • Coercivity Force Bhc: 223-239ka / m/2.8-3.0koe
  • Intrinsic Coercivity force Ihc : ≥223-255ka/m/≥2.8-3.2koe
  • Maximum Energy Product
  • Bhm. (Bh) Max : 30.25-33.43kj / m3/3.8-4.2mgoe
  • Maximum Operating Temperature : 250c
  • Magnet Size: 400 (L) X 400 (W) X 100 (T)
  • Bottom Plate: Ss 304

Magnetic Chute or Plate

AToZ Super Power Rare Earth Magnetic Plates are used to purify Foods, Chemical and Pharmaceutical products like powders, granules. Minerals such as talc, silica and slurried products like ceramic slip and glaze etc.

Construction :

Saideep Magnetic Plates have raised powerful poles. The tramp iron will accumulate in the gap between the poles. The raised poles holds the attracted tramp iron and prevents it from leaving during the flow of material.

Applications :

Rare Earth Magnetic Plates are used to remove weak Magnetic and fine iron contamination. The plates can be given up to 12500 gauss power. They are designed for easy installation in Ducts, Feed Tables, and also for suspension over screens, moving conveyors etc.

Rear Earth Magnetic Plate

We are suppliers of Rear Earth Magnetic Plate, These magnets When installed over the material flow the powerful Flush Face plate magnets deliver continuous magnetic protection for down stream processing equipment by lifting ferrous tramp out of the product flow stream. Features: Vary high power plate high gauss value Used in powder Chemical industry Pharmaceutical industry sizes as per your requirements. 

  • Type - Magnetic Plate
  • Sizes : 200x 300 mm 300x300 mm.(customized)
  • Applications - Industrial Magnet 
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